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Wrestling’s Marley Adams Named Athlete of the Week

Written by Yezielle Orengo – Journalism Staff Reporter

Congratulations to the Athlete of the Week, Marley Adams! Marley is a senior and in wrestling. He has only been in wrestling for a year and has certainly made a name for himself. He recently won the champion title in the 113-weight division at the Warriors Invitational. That is also why Coach Norred nominated him. Coach Norred said, “Marley put up a lot of points in his matches, dominating all his opponents on rout to the 113 Ib. Championship.” Marley believes he was nominated because of his dedication to his sport and his refusal to back down. He wants to continue wrestling while in college; he aims to go into a division two or three college for wrestling. His favorite recollection of the sport was being able to inspire others that are trying their best. Anytime he experiences a loss, instead of getting sad about it, he uses it to push himself and do better. This was Marley’s advice to younger athletes, “Never give up on your dreams, I just started last year with no background of the sport, and I’m amazed at where I am now…you just need to do your best at everything you do.” Congratulations to Marley Adams on being nominated as Athlete of the Week!