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Behind the Scenes of Allatoona Lacrosse

Written by Eli Mattingly – Journalism Staff Reporter

There are many incredible sports at Allatoona with wonderous teams full of individuals stiving to be the best they can under the instruction of their immaculate coaches. I have done articles showing the inner workings of both the Hotshotz and Basketball teams, and today I aim to do the same for the Lacrosse teams. Each practice, they work hard to perfect athleticism, technique, and execution of strategy. The teams have not had many games yet in the season, so they have only given us a taste of what is to come.

Tryouts for the teams are held for a few days as the season begins, and the coaches examine intently to see the skills the players offer, and if those skills can benefit the teams. After making those decisions, the real practice begins. The coaches work on the team’s fitness to condition them to perform as proficiently as possible. They also put the players through live game scenarios to enhance individual skills and test team tactics. Each practice, the coaches give their all to make sure proper skill is developed and the intelligence of their players is equally improved. This improvement is all derived from the immense effort the team puts into scrimmaging against one another. This ferocity and aggression developed in practice is then implemented into the games. The team fights and gives their all in every game, and even though the boys started slow, the effort is obvious, as they only lost by a single goal in both first games.

The coaches’ immense planning and dedication to making sure their teams are as diligent and skilled as possible is clear. The teams are raring to go and win their area and get to playoffs. Winning is not the only reason you would play on the team, however. The sport is incredibly fun with fast-paced action and few stoppages. The sport is not discriminatory either; men and women of all sizes can play and find what abilities they have that can aid the team. Not only that, but comradery is a common commodity in the teams. The bond the players form with one another cannot be understated. The group of athletes that currently compose the Lacrosse team are truly role model students at Allatoona, with superb grades, and selflessness as many players aid in coaching the youth league.

Both Lacrosse teams offer so much that they make participating worthwhile. The community and rapport the teammates form are truly something special. The development of the players’ skill and the growth of their persons is equally remarkable as well. Lacrosse is truly a sport for everyone, with its incredible coaches, and non-discriminatory recruiting for players. After interviewing the coaches and getting all the information I have put into this article, I cannot help but recommend it to anyone interested. It seems like an opportunity that should not be passed on.