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Cheer’s Ben Fernandez Named Athlete of the Week

Written by Yezielle Orengo – Journalism Staff Reporter

Congratulations to Ben Fernandez for being nominated as Athlete of the Week! He is a senior and a dual sport athlete in Wrestling and Cheer. He was nominated by Cheer Head Coach Mrs. Anette Gratzer for his astounding work ethic! “He has been one of the four boys who has brought so much to our program! He is always pushing himself to learn new things and grow in a sport he just started this year! He encourages his teammates non-stop, and his positivity radiates throughout the team! We are so GRATEFUL to have him with us!” This is Ben’s first year in cheer, and he has been making great strides. He is a back spot, meaning he helps the girls not fall when they do stunts. He loves going to all the competitions and bonding with his teammates on the bus rides to the events. So far, the cheer team has had four events since August, and they have been doing great. Ben believes he has been nominated because of his hard work and dedication to his sport, going to other classes to help him with cheer, and overall work ethic. He wants to go to Kennesaw State University after college and continue to cheer and to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. Ben’s advice to younger students is, “Go at it, have fun, and win.” Congratulations again to Ben Fernandez on being nominated as Athlete of the Week!