Buccaneer Facilities

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Buccaneer Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Center

Home to Buccaneer Athletics

The Buccaneer Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Center is located near the main gym and locker rooms.  It consists of two treatment tables, two taping tables, a hydroculator, a combination ultrasound/electrical stimulation unit, and a whirlpool.  Athletic training staff provide pre and post practice and game treatments, proper hydration stations, and medical coverage for all nineteen Buccaneer sports.  Student athletes have access to daily treatments. The Buccaneer Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Center has a full staff of student trainers who work with the Head Athletic Trainer, Derek Sobczak, to give students the best possible treatment.

Buccaneer Baseball Field

 Home to Baseball

The Buccaneer Baseball Field is located adjacent to the softball field in the Athletic Park Complex behind the school.  It houses the Allatoona baseball team and fall and summer travel teams.  Buccaneer Baseball Field is one of the premier fields in Georgia.  Along with a beautiful playing surface and gorgeous setting, a state of the art press box and concession stand were also completed in 2012.  In 2013, over two hundred elevated stadium seats from Camden Yards were installed.

Buccaneer Cobb Energy Stadium

 Home to Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track and Field

The 2,175 seat home seating section of Buccaneer Stadium was constructed in the summer of 2011.  The home side includes a fifty-four foot press box with three separate sections for Buccaneer coaches, announcers, and media members.  Chair back seating is currently being installed and when completed, will give Allatoona the ability to have almost six hundred reserved seats for home events.  The home side seating was purchased by the school’s Booster clubs and is a true testament to community support for Allatoona High School.

The Visitor side of the stadium was constructed in 2008 through a generous donation from Cobb Energy.  The visitor side seats over 2,000 fans and has its own eighteen foot press box for visiting teams to use. The synthetic turf field was installed during the summer of 2011 and was paid for through the Cobb County School District’s SPLOST initiative.  It is currently lined for football and soccer.

Buccaneer Gymnasium/Davey Jones' Locker

 Home to Basketball, Volleyball, and Wrestling

The Buccaneer Gymnasium/Davey Jones Locker seats almost two thousand fans and is the home of Buccaneer Basketball, Volleyball, and Wrestling.  The gym has three full courts and includes a walking track along the top of the bleachers.  The new video board is five feet by eight feet and is capable of showing HD quality video for fans of games as well as commercials for local business owners.

Buccaneer Softball Field

 Home to Fast Pitch Softball

The softball field is located directly behind the school in the Athletic Park Complex.  It houses Allatoona softball teams as well as middle school metro teams.  The Booster Clubs have made several upgrades to the facility including extra dugout space and storage for lawn equipment. The field has consistently been voted one of the best in the state of the Georgia Dugout Club. Seating for visitors is available near the dugout areas on standard stadium seats, or directly behind home plate seating is available with picnic table access.

Buccaneer Strength and Conditioning Center

 Home to Buccaneer Athletics

The Buccaneer Strength and Conditioning Center services eighty-five students each class period, five days a week.  The weight room is five thousand square feet and houses the strength and conditioning office as well.  The equipment in the weight room is state of the art and built by Sorinex, a company based in South Carolina.  We currently have six glute/ham machines, eight clean stations, and twelve power racks along with sets of kettle bells and dumbbells.

Buccaneer Tennis Facility

 Home to Tennis

Allatoona High School has three full size tennis courts located behind the school in the Athletic Park Complex.  Recent upgrades to the courts include new concrete sidewalks as well as concrete pads for bleachers to be used during the season. Plenty of space is available for visitors to bring their own chairs as well.

Buccaneer Wrestling Room

 Home to Wrestling

The Buccaneer Wrestling Room is a state of the art facility that rivals many college wrestling rooms across the country.  The room measures sixty-eight feet by fifty-four feet and holds 2 ¼ competition Resilite wrestling mats.  There are also storage areas for cleaning and maintenance supplies as well as shoe and gear storage bins for Buccaneer wrestlers to keep items during training sessions.  The wrestling facility has a stereo system that can challenge the decibel levels of a heavy metal concert as well as an integrated projector system for video review in the room.  The “wheelhouse” for Allatoona wrestling provides athletes with a safe environment within which to train, with three-quarters of the room having five foot padded walls.  This training facility provides high school, middle school, and youth wrestlers the opportunity to train hard and succeed at all levels on and off the mat.

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