Allatoona High School Buccaneers 

 Swim and Dive Team Handbook 2020-2021

 2020-2021 Swim & Dive Handbook  

Table of Contents

 Note from Coach Dorrough…………………………………………………….………..3

High School Swimming / Events ……………………………………………………….4

Practice Schedule……………………………………………………………………………..5-6

Meet Schedule………………………………………………………………………………….6

Cobb County and State Championships Information ………………….…….7

Lettering Requirements……………………………………………………………………8

Academic and Discipline Policy……….………………………………………………..9-10



Booster Club Officers…….……………………………………………….………………..11

 A Note from Coach Dorrough

I want to welcome you all to the Allatoona High School Swim and Dive Team.  I also want to thank the returning athletes for a great season last year. The enthusiasm and spirit is outstanding, and I look

forward to an exciting and successful season. My goal for the team is simple; we will focus on technique and endurance at practice, so we can send the maximum number of swimmers and divers to Cobb

County Championships and State Championships. This Swim and Dive Team Handbook is designed to answer any questions about policies, practices times, lettering, etc. 

Swimmer Information

Team Coaches

Head Coach: Jennifer Dorrough    [email protected]

Asst. Coach: Teresa Kwiatowski  

Asst. Coach: Tina McLaughlin

Team Website: https://allatoonabucs.com//swim-and-dive/  

This website will be used as a method of communication between coaches, swimmers, divers and the booster club. It includes practice times; meet schedules, team events and directions to pools and other important dates.

State Website: http://www.ghssca.com/   

This website includes state records, state qualifying times, state championship information and other information for coaches.

County Website:  https://www.cobblearning.net/csca/

This website houses information for colleges to recruit swimmers and divers. The county website includes meet results, county records and highlights seniors.

High School Swimming 

For those of you who are new to high school swimming and diving, here are some facts about the meets. The order of events, listed below, may be different than you are used to. There are twelve total events for each gender, including diving. Males and females alternate events. Each swimmer is allowed to swim in a maximum of four events, but no more than two of which may be individual events. The fastest swimmers on the team will be scheduled in four events to give the team the greatest chance of winning the meet. Slower swimmers are then used to fill any heats in the other events, again based on the swimmer’s times in a particular event. Usually, all swimmers compete in 4 events. The coaching staff will always fill heats with swimmers and divers that give the team the BEST chance of winning. 


200 yard medley relay

200 yard freestyle

200 yard individual medley

50 yard freestyle


100 yard butterfly

100 yard freestyle

500 yard freestyle

200 yard freestyle relay

100 yard backstroke 

100 yard breaststroke

400 Yard freestyle relay 

Required Equipment

  • Team Competition suit: Speedo Coded Riff. (Team suits should NOT be worn at practice.)
  • Practice suits
  • Fins
  • AHS Team Swim Cap (men and women)
  • Team warm-up jacket to be worn the day of meets (provided after dues are paid)    
  • Team T-Shirt (to be worn the day of meets)
  • Goggles
  • Water bottle for practices

PRACTICE Information:

Swimming practices are held at the West Cobb Aquatic Center. Diving practices are held at Central Aquatic Center. There are no buses or other school transportation to or from practices. Parents will need to make arrangements to ensure their child has a means of getting to and from practice. This is usually done through carpooling, arranging rides with upperclassmen, or by allowing them to drive themselves. Please keep in mind that being a member of the Swim & Dive Team does not guarantee a parking place at school.  

Swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled practices. Every athlete should arrive at the pool at least 10 minutes before practice in order to stretch and be in the water on time for warm-up. An absence from practice will only be excused when it would be considered an excused absence from school (it is best to notify Coach Dorrough if you are going to be absent due to illness, etc. ahead of time).  If an athlete was present at school, he/she is expected to be at practice. Excessive absences or tardies from practice will result in an athlete losing his/her varsity letter or being dismissed from the team. See lettering requirements.

USS swimmers are required to submit a weekly practice attendance form signed by your USS team coach.  USS swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 2 Allatoona practices each week (level of USS team can adjust this requirement with Coach Dorrough’s approval). By attending high school practices, the USS swimmers are able to develop a stronger relationship with their teammates. 

Parents should be waiting to pick swimmers up at the end of practice. Practice will end on time and all rides should be at the pool at the end of practice. Since we practice in the winter, it is very cold and the athletes are wet. Swimmers will not be permitted to wait for their rides in their wet suits and/or towels. It is not good for swimmers to have to wait to be picked up under these conditions. The aquatic center will close promptly and there will be no place for athletes to wait for rides. 

Absences from Meets

Swimmers & Divers MUST give at least 10 days notice in writing  if they are going to miss a meet (in writing to the head coach). Failure to inform the Head Coach of missing a meet and “no-showing” could result in the athlete failing to earn a Varsity Letter. The second “no show” offense will result in dismissal from the team.

Absences from Practices

Swimmers & Divers MUST provide a written excuse for an absence. Lettering points can be earned back by attending “Optional Conditioning” on specified days or practicing during the holiday breaks. Any combination of leaving early or starting late that adds up to 4 will be considered an absence. A tardy is defined as any swimmer who is not in the water swimming at the designated start time below. Getting dressed and putting on your caps after this time will be considered a tardy. Leaving early from practice will count as a tardy.  If you are unable to attend a practice, you should contact Coach Dorrough ahead of time.  

Swim Practice Schedule – TBD

West Cobb Aquatic Center  3675 Macland Road Powder Springs, GA















ALL MEETS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO FINAL APPROVAL BY THE COACHING STAFF. Check the website regularly for updates on meet information. **ALL CAC meets will have diving unless otherwise specified


We consider any meet that is held at the Central Aquatic Center (CAC) or Mountain View Aquatic Center (MVAC) to be a “home” meet. Both of these facilities are located in Marietta. Athletes are expected to arrive promptly at the designated time. For all other “away” meets, transportation MAY be provided and will be announced ahead of time. Parents are encouraged to attend and cheer on the BUCS! The entry fee is $5.00 for adults (with HEAT sheet). The cost helps cover overhead for the Cobb Relays and County Championships.

During the meet, swimmers are expected to stay with the team and no one is allowed to leave until the last event is over and the area is CLEAN.   I expect everyone to stay and cheer for his/her teammates. If a swimmer is leaving with a parent, they must let me know when they are leaving. Swimmers should bring snack food and drinks with them to all meets. They should also have enough money with them to buy a meal at concessions if necessary. Some meets are long and we need keep our energy up.

Cobb County and State Championships Qualifying Times

All team members are expected to be available for both Friday AND Saturday. No one is excused from this meet for any reason.  Every qualifying member of the team will be scheduled to swim in the County Championships. This meet is one of the biggest of the year. Preliminary events will be on Friday evening. Swim finals will be on Saturday evening. You will notice that participation in this meet is one of the specific requirements for earning a varsity letter. 


County Championship Qualifying Times



       EVENT                                                                                WOMEN



200 Yard Freestyle                                                                    2:32.00



200 Yard Individual Medley                                                   2:55.00



50 Yard Freestyle                                                                    29.00



100 Yard Butterfly                                                                     1:25.00



100 Yard Freestyle                                                                    1:05.50



500 Yard Freestyle                                                                    6:45.00



100 Yard Backstroke                                                                 1:18.00



100 Yard Breaststroke                                                             1:26.00

State Championship Qualifying Times



        EVENT                                                                               WOMEN



200 Yard Medley Relay                                                            2:07.00



200 Yard Freestyle                                                                    2:07.00



200 Yard Individual Medley                                                   2:24.00



50 Yard Freestyle                                                                    26.50



100 Yard Butterfly                                                                     1:05.00



100 Yard Freestyle                                                                  58.50



500 Yard Freestyle                                                                    5:40.00



200 Yard Freestyle Relay                                                         1:53.00



100 Yard Backstroke                                                                 1:06.00



100 Yard Breaststroke                                                             1:15.00



400 Yard Freestyle Relay                                                         4:12.00

  • If a swimmer qualifies for a relay event, he/she must also be one of the 4 fastest swimmers in that relay. We will usually have more than one group qualify for each relay, but we are only allowed to have ONE entry in each relay event at the State Championships. 
  • The Head Coach has the final say about events in which swimmers are entered. This is nonnegotiable. The events entered will be based on the swimmers available to give us the best chance at scoring highest and placing in the finals.
  • You must QUALIFY to attend the State Meet with the Team. Senior status does not ensure attendance at the State Meet.

Swimming & Diving Lettering Requirements

Automatic Varsity Letter

County/State Qualification in an at least two individual events

School / County Record 

Placing in the top 10 at the County Championship Meet

Placing in the top 20 at the State Championship Meet

NISCA All-American Qualifying Time

Additional Methods of Consideration to earn a Varsity Letter in Swim & Dive:

**All must be met for consideration**

1) Attend 90% of scheduled practices 

(you can miss 5 practices throughout the season; if absent, inform Coach Dorrough ahead of time – there will be

opportunities to make up for missed practices)

Practice Attendance  

1 missed swim practice can be made up by attending 2 optional dry land practices/other offered practice make-ups

4 tardies to practice or early dismissal from practice will result in one absence.

2) Participate in 100% of events scheduled to swim/dive in a minimum of 8 Varsity meets

Meet Attendance  

Athletes must attend every scheduled meet.  (Athletes who miss meets may be given consideration for a letter by the coaching staff based on the criteria listed below.)

Coach’s Consideration

Swimmers will be awarded consideration by the coaching staff according to the following:

 attitude, number of county qualifications, dedication, practice habits, team spirit, and overall improvement in technique and endurance.

County Championships

***In the event that a swimmer/diver qualifies for County Championships in a minimum of ONE INDIVIDUAL event, they MUST also Swim/Dive in the County Championship Meet

 Meet Performance Points 

(Points are calculated after each meet and used for recognition at the end of the season)

                                     Each 1st place = 10 points                                         Each 6th place = 5 points

                                     Each 2nd place = 9 points                                          Each 7th place = 4 points

                                     Each 3rd place = 8 points                                          Each 8th place = 3 points

                                     Each 4th place = 7 points                                           Each 9th-place = 2 points

                                    Each 5th place = 6 points                                           Each 10th –16th = 1 point

Loss of a Varsity Letter

The following will result in the automatic loss of a varsity letter:

(Even if you have met the criteria earn a varsity letter)

Out-of-school suspension. Two “No shows” at any meet. Refusing to swim an event. 

Disqualification for any Sportsmanship issue.

Academic Policy

The AHS Swim and Dive Team have historically had some of the best students in the school. This is very important in our sport because our season occupies both semesters. Any athlete that does not maintain the minimum grade requirement during fall semester cannot return after Winter Break. Athletes not maintaining grades spring semester are not permitted to even try out the following year. The AHS Swim & Dive Team recognizes Scholar Athletes (3.5 cumulative GPA, 10th-12th, and letterman). Since our athletes are in school for academics first, the swim team has a very strict academic policy. Athletes are required to pass ALL classes during the semester. If an athlete fails ONE class, they are placed on academic probation and will be required to bring in weekly progress reports. Two failing grades would make them ineligible for competition until the following report semester. 

***Remember, it is GHSA policy that if a student fails two classes at the end of the semester, they are INELIGIBLE for the next semester. ***

Discipline Policies

The discipline policies are listed below. Please make yourself aware of all policies. All decisions made by the Coaching Staff concerning discipline issues will be handled privately on a case-to-case basis and will be final. There is no appeal process. The coaching staff will enforce the following consequences for school-related and Team related discipline problems.

School Related Discipline

  • ALL ATHLETES AND PARENTS MUST SIGN THE COBB COUNTY JD DISCIPLINE POLICY which is located on the school physical form.
  • ISS- Suspension from the next scheduled swim meet. You will also not be allowed to participate in any practices or activities during the time assigned.

Second Offense- 2 or more day’s results in dismissal from the team.

                 1 day will result in a one meet suspension. ANY Third Offense- Dismissal from the team.

  • Saturday School– You will not be allowed to participate in a swim meet if Saturday school is scheduled on that day. ANY Second Offense- Dismissal from the team.
  • Suspension– Any out-of-school suspension during the school year will be grounds for dismissal from the team. Any athlete who is suspended during the school year may not earn a varsity letter during that school year in any sport.
  • Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco– Any swimmers caught at ANY time with Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco will be referred to the Administration and dismissed from the Team. This includes before, during, after practice, and even if you’re caught on the weekend by a police officer or someone else.
  • Arrest- Any arrest will result in immediate dismissal from the Team.

Team/Meet Related Discipline

  • Driving – Athletes are not allowed to leave the facility at any point during a meet. If the team has plans to carpool to the meet together (Cobb Champs) all athletes must drive directly to the pool without additional stops and remain at the pool until the conclusion of the meet. All athletes are under the direct supervision of the coaching staff and should abide by team rules. Failure to follow rules will result in discipline referral to administration and 2 days ISS and suspension from the next meet.
  • No Show– Failure to attend a meet for any reason that has not been previously cleared by the Head Coach will be considered a No Show. Conflicts with scheduled meets must be given to Coach Dorrough in writing 10 days prior to the meet. This includes USS meets.

First Offense- 2 meet suspension and loss of Varsity Letter. Second Offense- Dismissal from the Team.

  • Insubordination– Failure to comply with a Coach’s instructions. Insubordination WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a 1 meet suspension.

Second Offense- 2 meet suspension and loss of Varsity Letter. Third Offense- Dismissal from the Team.

  • Disqualification- Being disqualified for ANYTHING other than a starting violation is a serious offense. The GHSA sets the rules and regulations for our sport and we are ALL expected to abide by them whether you agree with the rule or not. All actions are in addition to the normal disqualification consequences stated by GHSA.

DQ for Jewelry- absolutely NO jewelry is allowed on deck. Do not even wear it to a meet. The Coaching Staff will not hold it for you. You can be disqualified for wearing jewelry on the pool   deck at ANY time, not just during your heat.

DQ for Sportsmanship- At no time will ANY member of the AHS Swimming & Diving Team argue with an official for any reason. In addition, any DQ involving sportsmanship including profanity, fighting, disrespect to officials or other swimmers, etc. will result in:

First offense-2 meet suspension and loss of Varsity Letter. Second offense- Dismissal from the Team. 

NOTE:  Please remember that extreme cases will be handled by the Coaching Staff on a private individual basis. All decisions will be final and there is no appeal process. Infractions not covered by the AHS Swimming & Diving Handbook will be dealt with using the Allatoona High School Student Handbook. 

Cobb County “JD” Policy


(This policy may be found on the Cobb County School Web site under (J) Policy at www.cobbk12.org)

  • Maintaining proper student conduct shall be the joint responsibility of the school principal, the faculty, and the other school employees in charge of groups of students from time to time.
  • When in good faith, reasonable force may be exercised by school personnel in order to restrain rebellious or out of control students.




Our organization cannot run a successful program without parent volunteers. We need a minimum of four parent volunteers per meet to time events. A volunteer list will be sent out in advance of the first swim meet. If a parent is unable to work the meet they are assigned, that parent is responsible for contacting another parent to work out a switch of duty. Parents may be assigned to volunteer for more than one meet, depending on the number of swimmers we have.

Additional volunteering opportunities include, but are not limited to: (1) chairing a committee; (2) banquet organizer; (3) snack table organizer



President – Open

Vice-President/Spirit Wear Coordinator – Tonya Drew

Secretary – Open

Treasurer – Michele Nettles 


Additions to Allatoona Code of Conduct for Athletes

See on-line handbook via web page



  • Show favorable conduct to the coaches, parents, teammates, chaperones, volunteers, and officials.
    • Do not approach officials (let your coaches intervene when/if necessary)
  • Demonstrate kindness and consideration towards your opponents
  • Show good sportsmanship
    • No trash talk, spitting, splashing, horseplay, physical violence
    • Behave without discrimination
    • Maintain self-respect with proper nutrition and hydration (Swimmers are expected to have a water bottle at each practice)
    • Respect your body; abstain from use of alcohol and drugs
    • Have respect towards swim facilities; clean up after yourself and the team area
    • Give 100% effort at practices and meets


  • Attendance matters. Be on time.  That means: in the pool, equipment nearby on pool’s edge, caps and goggles ON. On time does NOT mean walking into the aquatic center or dressing/undressing, or talking to friends on deck…ON TIME MEANS IN THE POOL ready to SWIM!  Pool time is at a premium.
    • This year, all athletes must arrive 10 minutes early in order to have their temperatures checked per CCSD COVID-19 Guidelines. If you are late, you may be asked ot leave practice which could affect the ability to letter
    • New this year – NO ATHLETE MAY USE THE LOCKER ROOMS TO CHANGE OR SHOWER, so you MUST come dressed in your suit, ready to practice.
  • Report health issues in a timely fashion
  • Report injuries immediately
  • Meet entries will have deadlines. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not show up for a meet and you are swimming in a relay, you have just let down 3 other people and lost valuable team points.
  • MEETS: All meets require attendance unless otherwise approved by the head coach.  IF you miss meets without prior approval, you may lose lettering.  Give 10 days notice in writing to the head coach if you are unable to attend a meet


  • You are responsible for your own property
  • You are responsible for your own behavior
  • For your education (Seek help before you fall behind)
  • For checking in for your heat/lane assignments
  • Making sure NO JEWELRY is worn for practices or swim meets
  • Wearing jewelry will get you disqualified at swim meets. Do not take the chance.
  • Check in with your coaches BEFORE and AFTER each event you swim
  • Manage your time (ACADEMICS FIRST, sports, homework, family time, appointments, etc. Be well rounded)
  • You must have a physical on file at AHS (will necessary insurance information detailed to participate in Cobb County Athletics)
  • YOU are responsible for YOU… so make good choices and plan ahead


  • If there are concerns, make every effort to communicate these to your coaches FIRST; the goal is to resolve issues, not to have them escalate
  • Promote the reputation of AHS and the sport
  • Do not wait until the last minute to tell the coaches you are unable to attend practices. Make every effort in good faith to be there
  • Important information will be disseminated through REMIND 101. (Text 81010 @ahsswim1 to sign up for remind message)
    • You will receive most Allatoona Swim and Dive information/updates through this texting/ voice messaging system

COACH Jennifer Dorrough, HEAD COACH

E-Mail: [email protected]



*The coaching staff will give a verbal warning for any minor infraction. After receiving a warning the swimmer will sit swimmers out of practice for a short “time out,” or may even be dismissed from that night’s practice. If your athlete gets dismissed from a full practice, you will be notified by one of the coaches.

PARENT’S SIGNATURE_________________________________________

ATHLETE’S SIGNATURE________________________________________

**Complete the Code of Conduct Sign off on the Registration Form indicating you’ve read and acknowledge the policies outlined in the Code of Conduct.