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Start of Winter Sports

Written by Buccaneer Scroll Staff Reporter Isabella Penge

As Allatoona and Cobb County are making their way throughout the first semester back in an uncertain COVID lifestyle, winter sports, including Basketball, Swim and Dive, and Wrestling, have made their way back onto our calendars, giving the Allatoona family something fun and exciting for which to look forward. When asked about anything the coaches are excited about this season, Coach James Bouyer from the Girls Varsity Basketball team has said he “is excited that the girls will have some form of a basketball season and get the chance to play during this time.” Coach Bouyer also believes that “the girls will get a valuable lesson on dealing with adversity in an ever-changing world.” Returning for his 3rd year as the Boys Varsity basketball coach, Chad Phillips is “extremely excited about his opportunity to coach these young men.” Phillips has six returning seniors who “have been the cornerstone of [his] programs for the last three years.” Swim and Dive Coach, Jennifer Dorrough, has a very promising season ahead of them. As all three boys’ relays and all three girls’ relays have qualified for state in the first meet of the season, they have made Allatoona Swim and Dive history! The Varsity Wrestling coach, Kyle Norred, says, “We have a good group of experienced guys returning from last year. These guys have really committed to the sport of wrestling, and I am excited to see them compete.” Because the world we live in is unpredictable, these teams have had to adjust in order for everyone to stay safe while being able to do what they love. “We can only have a specific number of athletes at the pool, and we have to conduct COVID checks prior to entering the facility,” says Coach Dorrough. At Allatoona, it is very clear that all four of these coaches are excited about their upcoming season and are thankful to get to play during this time. A COVID schedule may look different for everyone, but here at Allatoona, we are blessed to continue to manage our winter sports and give the community something to expect.