Fast Pitch Softball Awards


 Payton O’Connor (6A 2nd Team)   
 Melanie Bennett (1st Team) 6AMelanie Bennett (6A Pitcher of the Year) Nicolle Nysted (6A 2nd Team)
 Melanie Bennett (6A 1st Team) Ari Wright (6A 1st Team) Shea Reagor (6A 2nd Team)
 Madison Halyard (5A 2nd Team)Hailey Reagor (5A 2nd Team) 
 Morgan Kazerooni (5A 1st Team)  
 Elisabeth Federici (5A 1st Team) Makenzie Colwart (5A 2nd Team) 
 Jessica Finch (5A 1st Team) Morgan Kazerooni (5A 1st Team) Bailey Crawford (5A 2nd Team)
 Kara Chambers (3A 1st Team) Jessica Finch (3A 2nd Team) Tressa Watson (3A 2nd Team)
 Jessica Finch (3A 2nd Team) Caitlin O’Shea (3A 2nd Team) Tressa Watson (3A 2nd Team)

ALL county/ marietta daily journal

 Rylee Reeves (2nd Team)   
 Melanie Bennett (1st Team) Payton O’Connor (1st Team) Emma Bailey (2nd Team)Nicolle Nysted (2nd Team)
 Daisy Hess (1st Team)Shea Reagor (1st Team) Ari Wright (1st Team)  Melanie Bennett (2nd Team) 
 Nicolle Nysted (2nd Team)   
 Nicolle Nysted (1st Team) Maggie Lewis (2st Team)  
 Madison Halyard (1st Team) Hailey Reagor (1st Team) Maggie Lewis (2nd Team) 
 Morgan Kazerooni (1st Team) Bailey Crawford (2nd Team) Hailey Reagor (2nd Team) Kara Hester (2nd Team)
 Elisabeth Federici (1st Team)  Makenzie Colwart (2nd Team) Morgan Kazerooni (2nd Team) Dani Lewis (2nd Team)
 Morgan Kazerooni (1st Team) Erika Dunbar (2nd Team) Casey Lewis (2nd Team) 
 Kara Chambers (1st Team) Jessica Finch (2nd Team)  
 Kara Chambers (1st Team) Caitlin O’Shea (1st Team) Tressa Watson (2nd Team) 
 Kara Chambers (1st Team) Caitlin O’Shea (2nd Team)  

ALL region team

 2019 Region 6A   
 Emma Bailey (1st Team)Haley Coyle (1st Team)Payton O’Connor (1st Team)Rylee Reeves (1st Team)
 2018 Region 6A   
 Emma Bailey (1st Team)Melanie Bennett (1st Team)Melanie Bennett (Pitcher of the Yr)Daisy Hess (1st Team)
 Payton O’Connor (1st Team)Rylee Reeves (1st Team)  
 2017 Region 6A   
 Melanie Bennett (1st Team)Daisy Hess (1st Team)Kaitlin Isley (1st Team)Nicolle Nysted (1st Team)
 Shea Reagor (1st Team)Ari Wright (1st Team)  
 2016 Region 6A   
 Daisy Hess (1st Team)Maggie Lewis (1st Team)Nicolle Nysted (1st Team)Darby Pinkard (1st Team)
 2015 Region 5A   
 Madison Halyard (1st Team)Maggie Lewis (1st Team)Hailey Reagor (1st Team)Daisy Hess (2nd Team)
 Darby Pinkard (2nd Team)Grace Wilcox (2nd Team)  
 2014 Region 5A   
 Bailey Crawford (1st Team)Kara Hester (1st Team)Morgan Kazerooni (1st Team)Casey Lewis (1st Team)
 Hailey Reagor (1st Team)Makenzie Colwart (2nd Team)  
 2013 Region 5A   
 Elisabeth Federici (1st Team)Makenzie Colwart (1st Team)Dani Lewis (1st Team)Morgan Kazerooni (1st Team)
 Casey Lewis (2nd Team)Hailey Reagor (2nd Team)Madisyn Escue (2nd Team)Nicole Williams (2nd Team)
 2012 Region 5A   
 Bailey Crawford (1st Team)Madisyn Escue (1st Team)Jessica Finch (1st Team)Erika Dunbar (2nd Team)
 2011 Region 7A   
 Kara Chambers (1st Team)Jessica Finch (1st Team)Tressa Watson 7A (1st Team)Erika Dunbar 7A (2nd Team)
 2010  Region 7A   
 Kara Chambers (1st Team)Jessica Finch (1st Team)Caitlin O’Shea (1st Team)Megan Nesbit (1st Team)
 2009  Region 7A   
 Kara Chambers (1st Team)Megan Nesbit (1st Team)Caitlin O’Shea (1st Team) 
 2008  Region 7A   
 Malorie Pivato (Tourn. Team)