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Allatoona High School vs Hillgrove High School Friday Night Football Action on September 9, 2022 - Acworth, GA. Special - Chrystal Moore.

Honor of 84

Written by Kamran Padilla – Newspaper Staff Reporter

One of the best honors a football senior can have here at Allatoona High School is being able to wear the number 84 on his back. The jersey number 84 was originally Turner Cockrell’s. Turner graduated from Allatoona in 2016. He sadly passed away in 2018 from cancer in college, but Allatoona decided to not give the number 84 out during the season. The player that shows the most work ethic and love to his team has the honor of wearing number 84 on the Superhero night game. This year’s recipient of the number is Vinnie Canosa. He has shown the most work ethic here at Allatoona since the first day his freshman year, and he still puts out a lot of work. He does not do it just for himself, but for his teammates. When asked what it means to him to wear Turner’s number, Vinnie responded, “Out of all the senior class, to be the one player chosen to wear this jersey feels amazing and like I am leaving my mark on Allatoona, just like Turner left his. To be the player that the coaches and administration see as most like Turner makes me proud when there are so many others that could be selected. It is an honor to continue his legacy.” Congratulations, Vinnie, on this amazing honor, and always keep up the hard work.