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Allatoona Varsity Women Tennis vs Kell on March 11, 2021 - Acworth, GA. Credit - Chrystal Moore.

Game, Set, Match! Behind the Scenes of Girls’ Varsity Tennis

Written by Newspaper Staff Reporter Gabby Penge

As the second semester kicks off here at Allatoona, so does our spring sports! Our Girls Varsity Tennis team has just begun their season, and we cannot wait to hear about what they have been doing to prepare for the season ahead. When asked what the difficult part is to tennis, senior Amanda Judson, says that “the mental part of tennis is what makes the sport so challenging compared to other sports. Of course, all sports have challenging sides for getting in the right mental state, but with tennis, it is just so different.” Despite the hardships, Amanda chooses to stick by tennis because she “loves the atmosphere it brings and how exciting it is to step on the court every day.”

Head Varsity Coach Soley expresses, “The biggest thing about practicing is all about conditioning. If players are conditioned, then they are stronger and more consistent on repetition.” Coach Soley wants his players to be able to hit fifty consecutive balls during practice so that they can make it happen during matches. When asked what tennis means to him, Soley explains that “Tennis means a lot personally. I have been coaching tennis in Cobb County for twenty-two years and it is all about the love of the game. Our team has a lot of potential this year as we are overall stronger than the past few seasons. If the players work hard and move their feet, we will be hard to beat.” The team has their first match on February third at Woodland High; good luck, girls!