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Allatoona Varsity Volleyball vs Harrison Varsity Volleyball on August 19, 2021 - Acworth, GA (Credit Image: Chrystal Moore)

Behind the Scenes of Volleyball

Written by Newspaper Staff Reporter Lexie Hunter

Allatoona’s volleyball team works very hard and is one of the most successful sports on campus with a recent state championship. They practice every day at school from 3:45 to 6:30, unless they have a game. Practice typically starts with conditioning, such as running. After they finish conditioning, they will work their way through the rotation to work on offense and defense. Lastly, they will work on serving and serve receiving. A fun game they play at practice is called “crowbar.” Crowbar is where the coach tosses the ball right on top of the net, and the two blockers on opposite sides must go up and try to hit the ball to the other side.

Senior Savannah Sanabia explains why she loves playing for Allatoona and why people should try out:” I love playing for Allatoona because we always have a work-hard mentality when we step into the gym, and it’s become our own culture. We all want to win, and we all know that there’s no other way to do that. My favorite part of the team is the amazing friendships I’ve made with all of the girls. We spend every day with each other for about three months and have become like family. If you love the sport, you should definitely try out. You would be surrounded by people who share the same passion as you and who motivate you to do your best and help you get better. You will meet some of your best friends on the team and make amazing memories with those girls!”