Young Bucs Cheer

Jennifer Moore

Kaylyn Hoptroff

Cheer Co-Director

Lyndi McCloud

Competition Director

2nd Grade

Jennifer Moore & Kaylyn Hoptroff

3rd Grade

Heather Comstock & Holly Stone

4th Grade

Tayah Slaughter-Valentine & Kaya Gonzalez

5th Grade

Amanda Spaeth & Lisa Ellerbee

Young Bucs Social Media

Left to right front row

Left to right back row

Left to right front row Madison Magnus, Paige Comstock, Macy Moore

Left to right back row Coach Heather Comstock, Caitlin Meadows, Ansley Beller, Clara Stone, Katlynn Geder, Reagan Ray, Coach Holly Stone

Left to right front row Whitley Rose Bowen, Ella Kate Triesenberg, Madelyn Martin

Left to right back row Coach Tayah Slaughter-Valentine, Avery Williams, Callie Hastings, Audrey Hilliard, Coach Kaya Gonzalez

Left to right front row Caroline Tucker, Sophia Vachtsevanos, Hannah Smith, Hadley O’Kelley, Chloe Dennison

Left to right back row Coach Lisa Ellerbee, Gabrielle Roach, Abigail Hatcher, Emma Chism, Lacey Ellerbee, Addison Spaeth, Mackenzie Pendley, Hailey Howard, Coach Amanda Spaeth

Left to right front row Amery Jones, Paige Comstock, Hannah Smith, Madelyn Martin, Hensley Hoptroff, Charlie Moore

Left to right middle row Lacey Ellerbee, Callie Hastings, Caroline Tucker, Hadley O’Kelley, Macy Moore, Ella Kate Triesenberg, Clara Stone, Mackenzie Pendley

Left to right back row Coach Monique Goode, Whitley Rose Bowen, Hailey Howard, Katlynn Geder, Addison Spaeth, Abigail Hatcher, Gabrielle Roach, Avery Williams, Coach Tayah Slaughter-Valentine

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