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Founders Club

Founders Club: Plan and Purpose

Allatoona High School opened in the Fall of 2008 with a projected enrollment of over 1,000 students.  Other than the field and the restrooms you see, the county/state does not provide for the football program with any other assets.  Therefore, we created the Buccaneer Founder’s Club.

The Buccaneer program intends to serve the entire Allatoona community by providing football and cheerleading for students 5-18 years old.  We will provide a program for youth football, middle school football, and our varsity high school program, as well as cheerleading at all levels.  The initial start-up for a program of this size, just for uniforms and equipment, is in excess of $300,000.

Founders Club Goal:

To identify 100 families who will donate $2,000 each in an effort to raise $200,000 to cover start-up costs for the football program at Allatoona High School.  Our original plan was to accomplish this by August 29, 2008.  Although we did receive great support initially, we are still short of our original goal.  The Founder’s Club is open to any family, parent, or community member who wants to help make a difference in the Buccaneer program.

Founders Club Benefits:

The Founder’s Club will recruit ONLY the first 100 members, after which membership will be closed.  Each member will receive the following

  1. Lifetime VIP parking space adjacent to the football field for all high school football games.
  2. Lifetime Seasons Tickets (2) good for all football events at Allatoona High School.
  3. (2) Polo shirts identifying Allatoona Buccaneer Founder’s Club membership.
  4. (2) Jackets identifying Allatoona Buccaneer Founder’s Club membership.

For information please contact:

Brian Miller at 770-218-8221 or btmiller@mmm.com

Founders Club Members


The Gerrits Family Barry & Sara Morgan Brian and Amy Miller
Dan, Donna McKay & Family The Schnure Family The Hester Family
The Kazerooni Family The Purvis Family The Krupp Family
The Family of Matt Johnson The Zeller Family The Davis Family
The Sorrells Family Jeff and Terri Reichert Harvey and Sarah Hillyer
The Sherer Family The Fichtner Family Brendan and Mason Taylor
Jim, Valerie and Sam Barnes The Sumrall Family The Laldin Family
Pete and Nancy Brumfield The Schwartz Family The Brandon Family
Coach Gary Varner Family Cedarcrest Church Northwest Christian Church
The Roembke Family The Young Family Anthony and Deborah Hampton
The Coker Family Bluewater Energy Solutions The Benton Family
The Miller Family The Murillo/Sill Family The Nothstine Family
Pro Sports R.L. Hill Express, LLC. The Watson Family
The Guthrie Family The Wiley Family The Hester Family
The Fortney Family Todd and Michelle Heaton Michael & Shelia Allen & Family
The Cockrell Family Russell and Celia Teague David, Jeana & Erin Neves
The Ferguson Family The Halyard Family The Conley Family
Jacqueline and Robert Duncan Kevin and Tiffani Thompson The Hobbs Family
The Serrano Family The Hoven Family Sam, Lisa and Hayley Hill
The Dunlap Family The Steinmetz Family The Tatum Family
The Colwart Family The Gibbs Family The Pynes Family
Ensley Construction Co Bob and Kate Watson & Family IBG & The Tutherow Family
The Jones Family Lee and Julie Welborn The Cavanaugh Family

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