Buccaneer Fast Pitch Softball Awards

All-State Team
2018 Melanie Bennett AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Melanie Bennett AAAAAA (Pitcher of the Year)
Nicolle Nysted AAAAAA (2nd Team)
2017 Melanie Bennett AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Ari Wright AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Shea Reagor AAAAAA (2nd Team)
2015 Madison Halyard AAAAA (2nd Team)
Hailey Reagor AAAAA (2nd Team)
2014 Morgan Kazerooni AAAAA (1st Team)
2013 Elisabeth Federici AAAAA (1st Team)
  Makenzie Colwart AAAAA (2nd Team)
2012 Jessica Finch AAAAA (1st Team)
  Morgan Kazerooni AAAAA (1st Team)
  Bailey Crawford AAAAA (2nd Team)
2011 Kara Chambers AAA (1st Team)
  Jessica Finch AAA (2nd Team)
  Tressa Watson AAA (2nd Team)
2010 Jessica Finch AAA (2nd Team)
  Caitlin O’Shea AAA (2nd Team)
  Tressa Watson AAA (2nd Team)


All-County Team/Marietta Daily Journal
2018 Melanie Bennett MDJ (1st Team)
  Payton O’Connor MDJ (1st Team)
  Emma Bailey MDJ (2nd Team)
  Nicolle Nysted MDJ (2nd Team)
2017 Daisy Hess MDJ (1st Team)
  Shea Reagor MDJ (1st Team)
  Ari Wright MDJ (1st Team)
  Melanie Bennett MDJ (2nd Team)
  Nicolle Nysted MDJ (2nd Team)
2016 Nicolle Nysted MDJ (1st Team)
Maggie Lewis MDJ (2st Team)
2015 Madison Halyard MDJ (1st Team)
Hailey Reagor MDJ (1st Team)
Maggie Lewis MDJ (2nd Team)
2014 Morgan Kazerooni MDJ (1st Team)
Bailey Crawford MDJ (2nd Team)
Hailey Reagor MDJ (2nd Team)
Kara Hester MDJ (2nd Team)
2013 Elisabeth Federici MDJ (1st Team)
  Makenzie Colwart MDJ (2nd Team)
  Morgan Kazerooni MDJ (2nd Team)
  Dani Lewis MDJ (2nd Team)
2012 Morgan Kazerooni MDJ (1st Team)
  Erika Dunbar MDJ (2nd Team)
  Casey Lewis MDJ (2nd Team)
2011 Kara Chambers MDJ (1st Team)
  Jessica Finch MDJ (2nd Team)
2010 Kara Chambers MDJ (1st Team)
  Caitlin O’Shea MDJ (1st Team)
  Tressa Watson MDJ (2nd Team)
2009 Kara Chambers MDJ (1st Team)
  Caitlin O’Shea MDJ (2nd Team)
All-Region Team
2018 Emma Bailey 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Melanie Bennett 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Melanie Bennett 6AAAAAA (Pitcher of the Yr)
  Daisy Hess 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Payton O’Connor 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Rylee Reeves 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
2017 Melanie Bennett 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Daisy Hess 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Kaitlin Isley 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Nicolle Nysted 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Shea Reagor 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
  Ari Wright 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
2016 Daisy Hess 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
Maggie Lewis 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
Nicolle Nysted 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
Darby Pinkard 6AAAAAA (1st Team)
2015 Madison Halyard 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Maggie Lewis 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Hailey Reagor 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Daisy Hess 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
Darby Pinkard 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
Grace Wilcox 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
2014 Bailey Crawford 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Kara Hester 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Morgan Kazerooni 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Casey Lewis 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Hailey Reagor 5AAAAA (1st Team)
Makenzie Colwart 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
2013 Elisabeth Federici 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Makenzie Colwart 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Dani Lewis 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Morgan Kazerooni 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Casey Lewis 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
  Hailey Reagor 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
  Madisyn Escue 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
  Nicole Williams 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
2012 Bailey Crawford 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Madisyn Escue 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Jessica Finch 5AAAAA (1st Team)
  Erika Dunbar 5AAAAA (2nd Team)
2011 Kara Chambers 7AAA (1st Team)
  Jessica Finch 7AAA (1st Team)
  Tressa Watson 7AAA (1st Team)
  Erika Dunbar 7AAA (2nd Team)
2010 Kara Chambers 7AAA (1st Team)
  Jessica Finch 7AAA (1st Team)
  Caitlin O’Shea 7AAA (1st Team)
  Megan Nesbit 7AAA (2nd Team)
2009 Kara Chambers 7AAAA (1st Team)
  Megan Nesbit 7AAAA (1st Team)
  Caitlin O’Shea 7AAAA (1st Team)
2008 Malorie Pivato 7AAAA (Tournament Team)
All-Star Game
2018 Melanie Bennett GACA North/South
  Daisy Hess Georgia Dugout Club
2017 Shea Reagor GACA North/South
2015 Madison Halyard Georgia Dugout Club
2014 Morgan Kazerooni Georgia Dugout Club
Morgan Kazerooni GACA North/South
Casey Lewis Georgia Dugout Club
2013 Elisabeth Federici GACA North/South
Elisabeth Federici Georgia Dugout Club
2012 Jessica Finch Georgia Dugout Club
2011 Kara Chambers Georgia Dugout Club
2010 Megan Nesbit Georgia Dugout Club
Player of the Year
2017 Melanie Bennett Georgia Dugout Club (AAAAAA)
2010 Caitlin O’Shea Georgia Dugout Club (AAA)
Buccaneer Award
2018 Nicolle Nysted Varsity
2017 Darby Pinkard Varsity
2016 Melanie Maule Varsity
2015 Hailey Reagor Varsity
2014 Nicole Williams Varsity
2013 Elisabeth Federici Varsity
2012 Bre Richey Varsity
2011 Kara Chambers Varsity
2010 Caitlin O’Shea Varsity
2009 Megan Nesbit Varsity
2008 Megan Nesbit Varsity
Top Scholar Athlete
2018 Amanda Carroll Varsity
2017 Darby Pinkard Varsity
2016 Kaylyn Barnes Varsity
2015 Kara Hester Varsity
2014 Kara Hester Varsity
2013 Morgan Kazerooni Varsity
2012 Brandi Blair Varsity
2011 Brandi Blair Varsity
2010 Megan Nesbit Varsity
2009 Megan Nesbit Varsity
2008 Megan Nesbit Varsity

Buccaneer Fast Pitch Softball Records

Win-Loss Records
Year Record Honors
2018 27-8 AAAAAA Elite 8 (3rd place)
2017 29-8 6AAAAAA Region Champions, AAAAAA Elite 8 (State Runner-Up)
2016 17-10
2015 19-12 AAAAA Elite 8 (5th place)
2014 25-15 AAAAA Elite 8 (7th place)
2013 25-9 5AAAAA Region Champions
2012 27-11 5AAAAA Region Champions, AAAAA Elite 8 (7th Place)
2011 26-11 AAA Elite 8 (5th Place)
2010 28-10 AAA Elite 8 (State Runner-Up)
2009 23-5
2008 16-15
Team Records - Offense
Category Record Season
At Bats 1111 2014
Plate Appearances 1273 2014
Runs Scored 287 2014
Hits 387 2014
Singles 268 2014
Doubles 74 2012
Triples 17 2012
Home Runs 38 2014
Runs Batted In 249 2014
Base On Balls (Walks) 98 2017
Batting Average 0.348 2014
On Base Percentage 0.461 2014
Sacrifices 54 2010
Stolen Bases 55 2011
Team Records - Defense
Category Record Season
Wins 29 2017
Losses (fewest) 5 2009
Innings Pitched 249 2014
Hits (Fewest Allowed) 116 2009
Runs (Fewest Allowed) 54 2009
ER (Fewest Allowed) 38 2009, 2018
BB (Fewest Allowed) 44 2013
K (Strikeouts) 257 2018
Earned Run Average 1.18 2018
Complete Games 34 2012
Shutouts 12 2010
Player Records – Perfect Games and No-Hitters
Category Date Player Opponent
Perfect Game 9/12/2016 Darby Pinkard Osborne
Perfect Game 8/16/2016 Meredith Holland Osborne
Perfect Game 9/1/2015 Melanie Bennett Lithia Springs
Perfect Game 9/4/2014 Makenzie Colwart Lithia Springs
Perfect Game 8/31/2010 Caitlin O’Shea Cartersville
No-Hitter 8/7/2018 Melanie Bennett South Cobb
No-Hitter (Combined) 9/21/2017 Maggie Lewis/Shea Reagor Osborne
No-Hitter 9/19/2017 Melanie Bennett Sprayberry
No-Hitter 9/8/2015 Maggie Lewis Paulding Co.
No-Hitter 8/23/2012 Makenzie Colwart Lithia Springs
No-Hitter 9/15/2011 Tressa Watson Cedartown
No-Hitter 9/28/2010 Caitlin O’Shea Murray Co.
No-Hitter 9/2/2010 Caitlin O’Shea Pickens
No-Hitter 9/3/2009 Caitlin O’Shea Osborne
No-Hitter 9/1/2009 Caitlin O’Shea North Paulding
No-Hitter 8/20/2009 Caitlin O’Shea Apalachee
Player Records – Career Records (Offense)
Category Record Player Career
AB (At Bats) 438 Daisy Hess 2015-2018
UP (Plate Appearances) 481 Daisy Hess 2015-2018
Runs Scored 112 Kara Chambers 2008-2011
Hits 171 Kara Chambers 2008-2011
Singles 132 Kara Chambers 2008-2011
Doubles 39 Jessica Finch 2009-2012
Triples 10 Erika Dunbar 2010-2013
10 Kara Chambers 2008-2011
Home Runs 28 Morgan Kazerooni 2011-2014
Runs Batted In 119 Morgan Kazerooni 2011-2014
Base On Balls (Walks) 63 Morgan Kazerooni 2011-2014
Batting Average (Min. 100 up) 0.430 Bailey Crawford 2012-2014
On Base Percentage 0.522 Bailey Crawford 2012-2014
Sacrifices 21 Kaitlin Chumley 2008-2010
21 Lyndsey York 2008-2010
Stolen Bases 36 Kara Chambers 2008-2011
Player Records – Career Records (Defense)
Category Record Player Career
Wins 54 Melanie Bennett 2015-2018
Innings Pitched 492.1 Caitlin O’Shea 2008-2010
Strikeouts 460 Melanie Bennett 2015-2018
Earned Run Average 1.69 Melanie Bennett 2015-2018
Complete Games 67 Caitlin O’Shea 2008-2010
Shutouts 19 Caitlin O’Shea 2008-2010
Player Records – Season Records (Offense)
Category Record Player Season
At Bats 141 Casey Lewis 2014
Plate Appearances 156 Casey Lewis 2014
Runs Scored 44 Bailey Crawford 2014
Hits 60 Kara Chambers 2011
Singles 48 Casey Lewis 2014
Doubles 15 Morgan Kazerooni 2012
Triples 6 Erika Dunbar 2012
Home Runs 13 Morgan Kazerooni 2014
Runs Batted In 48 Morgan Kazerooni 2014
Base On Balls (Walks) 25 Morgan Kazerooni 2013
Batting Average (Min. 50 up) 0.474 Bailey Crawford 2014
On Base Percentage 0.581 Elisabeth Federici 2013
Sacrifices 11 Lyndsey York 2010
Stolen Bases 18 Bailey Crawford 2012
Player Records – Season Records (Defense)
Category Record Player Season
Wins 23 Caitlin O’Shea 2010
Losses (fewest-min 10 decisions) 3 Maggie Lewis 2014
Innings Pitched 207.1 Caitlin O’Shea 2010
Hits (fewest allowed) 76 Caitlin O’Shea

Casey Lewis



Runs (fewest allowed) 37 Caitlin O’Shea 2009
ER (fewest allowed) 24 Melanie Bennett 2018
BB (fewest allowed) 20 Maggie Lewis 2014
K (Strikeouts) 222 Melanie Bennett 2018
Earned Run Average (min. 50IP/10 off. decisions) 0.97 Melanie Bennett 2018
Complete Games 30 Caitlin O’Shea 2010
Shutouts 10 Caitlin O’Shea 2010
Player Records – Single Game Records
Category Record Player Date Opponent
Hits 5 Shea Reagor 9/30/2017 Harrison
Strike-outs 17 Tressa Watson 10/3/2011 Pickens County
17 Caitlin O’Shea 9/4/2008 Osborne

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